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The B role shoot and video blog a marketing strategy

Updated: May 25, 2020

As more large and small businesses become more competitive this days, it is imperative to look for the best effective ways to showcase their products and services. Capturing audience attention in an instant it's a must. this is due to the many options available for viewers right now and also at their finger tips,

Social media has taken the lead on this regard and will continue to reign for many years , but there is a necessity for professionalism and experience, nothing comes easy when you have to create the best image possible for your product.

Competition is high and you have to make sure you stand out with the best out there, I never cease to repeat to my clients a wise saying , "there is no second chance for a first impression", sure you can improve your image down the road but nothing like doing it right the first time.

Social Media like you Youtube, facebook and instagram are excellent platforms to showcase products, and this avenues can create traffic of potential clients back and forth, ending at your virtual store or website, where you can capitalize with a marketing strategy set in place .

Here's where it gets interesting, in order to capture those leads you have to offer creative content where people can really engage with your products. You need a "one two punch".

In order to be successful.

We've seen a great rate of response to a commercial film product named "The B Roll" followed by a series of blogs, the B Rolls are creative product shoots that can typically last from 15 to 30 seconds on the screen and they're composed mainly by a product away from a main subject, as result the product gets 100% the attention from the viewer.

Having this unique material allows you to break it down to even smaller sizes, for example instagram videos can run from from 6sec., 9sec., 15sec., or more if you wish

and they normally serve as preludes for the much larger videos like series of blogs where you can really talk more in detail about your product.

Everything needs a point of expansion and these videos can provide the spark you need to propel your product to new levels!, creating a great image of your product can easily be a game changer to your next marketing campaign.


Jose Charolet- Marketing advisor

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1 Comment

Jordan Baldwin
Jordan Baldwin
Sep 21, 2023

Blogging is a good tool at a distance. Since he will be on the passive side constantly bringing traffic interested in buying. The main thing is to choose the right format and subject of the video, as well as good software for working with videos, and the video blog will help increase profits.

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