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A marketing niche in a millennial era

Updated: May 25, 2020

"Collaboration is king" when it comes to millennials.

This is one of the most reliable tools among many others on their repertory, having independent experts on different areas such as technology, marketing, financing or other skills grouped on a common goal in a collaboration partership is priceless. This collaboration mind set helped a lot of enthusiastic entrepreneurs achieve goals in a blazing speed.

Modern entrepreneurs are taking this concept to break the old business models where companies needed a robust financial budget to invest in publicity campaigns.

The world has evolved and so do we. Marketing collaboration is the new thing here at EI Films, we're integrating new production strategies that can a bring great results on marketing campaigns. One of those strategies Is called " common market collab groups"

A group of people or businesses willing to collaborate together in a common market project, for example they invest together in a production series that features real estate, automobile, or technology to be aired on tv, cable tv, streaming services, or social media platforms. This model reduces the cost of production for the group involved.

These series are tailored to showcase their product or services in a unique cinematic way amusing the viewers with beautiful destinations, locations or a persuasive storytelling of their product. This can be achieve with the skill and artistry that Ei Films is able to provide.

since the new generations of buyers tend to research more, our strategy is not to rush them abruptly to action, but yes to create a long term impact on them, but with the right persuasion turning them in to real valuable customers!.


Jose Charolet-Marketing Advisor

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